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A man holds up a lightbulb. There are many new ideas in education technology at Blackboard.

Blackboard: Your partner in education technology & services

What we do

We innovate best-in-class technologies and services that help institutions drive success. We help learners access a safe & secure place to learn, an individualized & sophisticated way to learn, and an engaging life-long path to their education goals.

Education technology tools

Education technology solutions for K-12

We partner with the K-12 community to enable the school-to-home communications and personalized education that students need to be successful.

How we can help

Personalized learning solutions power innovation and enhance personalized and competency-based education.

We bring teaching and learning to life with innovative education technology that helps teachers adapt to new standards, blend and personalize learning, and deliver new and exciting digital learning experiences.

student and teacher work on a math problem on the chalkboard together

Enable blended learning

We give teachers easy tools to implement blended learning and flip the classroom to personalize the learning experience.

An illustration of students talking to each other.

Innovative classroom management

Make classroom management simple and easy with our digital content and tools. K-12 teachers will work more efficiently, students will be more engaged, and parents will get more involved.

Young students work together using education techology.

Blackboard LMS for K-12

We give you comprehensive tools for K-12 teaching and blended learning, whether your classroom is flipped or 1:1.

Keep your community safe

Take immediate action and stay ahead of the situation by proactively messaging your community with voice notifications, text messages, email alerts, social media, and more.

Keep community members in the loop

Partner with us to transform the way you interact with your school community. Create a better more effective culture of communication.

A mobile device displays Blackboard Sociability, our social media management tool

Social media management

Blackboard Social Media Manager enables you to navigate all your schools’ social media accounts from one easy-to-use interface.

Leading the way in education services

We are helping schools use technology to reimagine education and make it more learner-centric. The result? Greater success for K-12 students, teachers, and leaders.

Education technology solutions for higher education

We partner with our higher education clients to drive student success through innovative and flexible technologies and service.

How we can help

Intuitive, personal, connected, and always on

Our education technology is built to enable teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom.

A male student studies on his tablet in a hammock.

Learning Core solution

Learning Core is a great starting point for a more engaging learning experience, both in and outside the classroom.

An instructor helps a student understand course material.

Learning Insight solution

Gain access to data that lets you make sound decisions, show achievement for accreditation, and boost student outcomes.

an arrow working its way through a maze.

Internet2 NET+ solution

Internet2 NET+ provides access to top solutions for teaching, learning, collaboration, content sharing, and analytics.

Our services drive success

Our team's expertise doesn't stop at the LMS. With hundreds of years of cumulative experience in education, our consulting team can help solve your toughest problems.

A collection of teachers who created exemplary courses.

Exemplary Course Program

Thousands of faculty have used this program to evaluate and improve their courses with recognized best practices.

An IT professional working in a server room.

Help desk services

Our scalable IT Help Desk solution can help ensure that the technologies powering your campus accelerate learning.

Students study in a campus library.

Enrollment management

Our enrollment services streamline this critical process and help you get more qualified students through the door.

A telephone representative talks to your students.

Engagement campaigns

Skilled advisors contact students to encourage action on admissions, financial aid, business office, or retention goals.

A student holds a stack of textbooks.

Blackboard Store

Students can quickly and easily purchase required course materials at competitive prices within Blackboard Learn.

A tablet shows a graph of student retention data.

Student retention

Data-driven retention services help you improve institutional practices with analytics dashboards and student outreach.

A call center representative talks on a headset.

Student recruitment

We can help you position your institution for growth and find high-quality leads through marketing, media, and creative.

A student studies in cafeteria

Create a cashless campus

Give your students access to vending machines, financial aid, a safe campus, and more, while reducing operational costs.

student checking into door with access card

Campus access card

Blackboard Transact™ enables students to open doors, buy sweatshirts, pay for meals, and stay safer – all with one card.

Technology to help you make the most of your data

Our solutions enable you to deliver personalized, enhanced experiences that make it easier for learners to navigate the business of being a student.

A building that has University printed on it.

Blackboard Analytics™

With the help of Blackboard Analytics’ data-driven solutions, you can increase enrollment, student retention, and learner engagement through insights produced from data you already have.

Executives decide on on a data warehousing solution for their institution

Data Warehousing Solution

We offer a complete data warehousing and reporting solution in support of teaching and learning, enrollment management, retention, financial aid, strategic finance, human resources, alumni relations, and more.

An illustration of an administrator looking at student data.

Predictive analytics

Identifying at-risk students before it’s too late with our custom-built predictive models.

Students participate in class.

Learning Analytics Solution

Improve instructional design and gain deep insight into learner behavior with a comprehensive learning analytics toolkit for Moodle.

student checking into door with access card

Campus access card

Blackboard Transact™ enables students to open doors, buy sweatshirts, pay for meals, and stay safer – all with one card.

A student studies in cafeteria

Create a cashless campus

Give your students access to vending machines, financial aid, a safe campus, and more, while reducing operational costs.

Reach everyone on campus and in your community

Send university notifications via the widest range of communication channels — phone, email, SMS, social media, and more. Enhance campus safety with a robust, reliable emergency notification system. Deliver targeted and relevant custom notifications.

Education technology solutions for business and government

Our time-tested education technology enables you to provide valuable learning and training experiences for your workforce, employees, clients, and partners – anywhere, anytime.

How we can help

A better learning experience for your organization

You aspire to enhanced engagement, interaction, and results in your training and development programs. Our partnerships are designed to help you achieve these goals.

Professionals collaborate via headset.

Create a virtual classroom

Give your learners a simple, convenient, reliable synchronous learning solution that’s built for education and training.

Our services support your organization’s learning

Your success is our priority, so we'll be with you every step of the way. We’ll support you with the technology, expertise, and training you need to succeed with your online training environment.

Blackboard Training

Blackboard training

Our experts will help you optimize your Blackboard solutions and keep your teams versed in the tools that they use.

business people in class learning on computers

Exemplary Course Program

Instructors and designers use the Exemplary Course Program to improve their courses with recognized best practices.

For more engaging communication and collaboration

Give your employees powerful communication and collaboration tools that let them quickly and easily engage with colleagues in real time and send messages tailored to specific audiences.

business people having a web conference

Blackboard Collaborate

Make learning more engaging with our friendly yet full-featured solution for anywhere, anytime virtual conferencing.

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