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Mass notifications for business

There’s no better way to keep your employees, partners and customers informed. Our mass notification system will help you get your targeted messages to the people who need them the most, ensuring safety, timely communications and improved outreach.

Mass notifications for urgent updates

Reliable notifications for urgent situations

With our mass notification system - proven to deliver 99.99% uptime - you can send broadcasts or customized alerts to individuals via a wide range of communication channels: unlimited phone, e-mail, SMS, social media messaging, and more.

Why Blackboard?

Truly unlimited model

Enjoy unlimited messaging, users, training, 24/7 support, and all with no hidden or additional licensing costs.

Powerful, customized communications

With Flexfield messaging and unlimited subsites to mirror your organization's structure, send critical messages via cell, television, and radio.

Reduce costs, save time and maximize ROI

Send broad alerts and warnings as part of your emergency notification system, plus targeted messages for accounts receivables, facilities management, employee communications, and more.

Mass Communications Globally

Match the message to the location

With GISTargeting, use mapping to reach specific offices or individuals with messages based on their geographic location.

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