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Staff development across your entire organization: it’s essential in the fast-moving, highly innovative healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Flexible learning that goes beyond checking the boxes

Our learning solutions enable your geographically-diverse staff to learn about the latest products and techniques—wherever they are. Get them on the same page without having to get on a plane: No need to travel when our solutions are available 24/7, anywhere in the world.

How we help

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Compliance & certification

Compliance and certification training is an essential part of learning. Our learning solutions help you go beyond just checking the boxes.

Sales rep discussing options with doctor

Sales training

From onboarding new hires to empowering seasoned sales professionals, our anytime, anywhere learning platforms enable sales talent to learn how they want, when they want. Better engagement and completion rates lead to improved product knowledge and increased revenue.

Person learning online at their own pace

Leadership development

Top performing companies invest in learning and development. With individualized learning paths, an unrivalled set of collaboration tools and a robust learning management system, we help you use online learning to develop tomorrow’s leaders while moving your business forward.

Employee learning online

Employee experience

Our easy-to-use interface, responsive design and on-demand learning environment creates a flexible, more engaging experience that increases participation and employee satisfaction rates.

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