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Off-campus solutions

Cafe server returning access card to owner.

Add off-campus acceptance

Students are constantly moving between campus and the surrounding off-campus community. Allow your students to make cashless purchases with their campus ID cards at off-campus institution-approved merchant locations.

Benefits of a turn-key off-campus program

two students eating off campus

Cashless purchases

Allow students to make cashless purchases off campus at approved merchants.

illustration of features of card program

Added value

Add value to your card program with additional discretionary deposits, interest float, and transaction revenue.

Two people accessing account to extend services

Managed merchant services

Extend off-campus programs without committing additional resources.

town shops and businesses

Strengthen "town and gown"

Increase spend and relationships for off-campus merchants and the community.

mobile phone displaying promo

Recruitment and promotions

Grow your merchant network with website, direct mail/email, featured deals, and couponing.

tablet displaying reports of account

Make reporting easier

Provide automated, consolidated, and efficient reports for your network merchants.

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