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Security solutions

Blackboard Security Management System (SMS)

Manage your campus physical security needs with Blackboard SMS, a complete, enterprise-class system—designed specifically for the unique requirements of the educational community—that integrates access control, video surveillance, and monitoring capabilities.


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Security features designed specifically for education

Benefit from a security system designed specifically for the needs of education with features commercial security providers just can't offer.

Student approaching door

Integrate with campus systems

Integrate Blackboard SMS with your Transaction System, Student Information System, Housing Information System, and more.

using mobile to monitor

Get flexible schedule management

Create as many schedule exceptions (such as holidays) as you need—there’s no limitation on the number.

image depicting NFC use

Automate access level assignment

Assign access levels based on cardholder profiles and business logic, e.g.: IF (Freshman & Engineer) THEN Access Level = “A”.

Administrator using tablet to configure

Use intelligent automated imports

Maintain up-to-date cardholder status while retaining the ability to manually override through Blackboard’s administrative user interface.

image showing different connection options

Manually override imports

Manually override automated imports of cardholder fields and Access Levels via the user interface.

Comprehensive access control across campus

Ensure your campus’ safety with versatile, sophisticated, and user-friendly door access solutions.

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Door access control

Set access control for buildings, classes, labs, and more with door organization and grouping.

using mobile to monitor

Mobile monitoring

Manage your system with mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options.

image depicting NFC use

NFC contactless access

Provide the ability to enter or exit by waving a card or mobile credential over a smart reader.

Administrator using tablet to configure

Easy configuration

Configure access for time, date, or cardholder privileges via flexible system.

image showing different connection options

Wired, wireless, and offline

Choose from wired or easy-to-install and cost-effective wireless capabilities.

student at door access reader

Integrated hardware

Integrate with a wide array of hardware from Blackboard, or partners Allegion and Assa Abloy.

Real-time video surveillance

Provide real-time awareness and intelligence that enhances campus safety through a feature-packed video surveillance system that’s reliable, scalable, efficient, and effective.

multiple monitors for constant monitoring

Monitoring & protection

Optimize with central location monitoring, automated failover, and email notification alerts.

laptop showing various views of survellance

Camera-level options

View video from anywhere using unlimited cameras with security settings and schedules.

illustration of various storage options

Documentation & storage

Choose from storage options that cost less with fewer system requirements.

Monitor numerous separate camera images

Easy-to-use interface

Monitor numerous separate camera images with customizable screen layouts.

zoom in of overhead image

Sophisticated imaging features

Zoom in, use frame-by-frame playback, and capture easily-exported stills and clips.

Support hundreds of camera models

Open and flexible architecture

Support hundreds of camera models as well as compatibility with legacy systems.

Discreet, mobile communication with the LiveSafe app

Keep your campus community informed, prepared, and connected by enabling administrators to reach the entire campus in minutes.

student reporting crime with mobile app

Mobile app

Prevent crime with tip reporting, SafeWalk/SafeRide requests, and emergency info.

computer showing geographical area of coverage

Command dashboard

Use the online command dashboard for maps, GPS tracking, and real-time responses.

different images of analytic reporting

Documentation & reporting

Improve analysis with usage reports on types and times of tips and requests.

Campus communication

Keep your campus community informed, prepared, and connected by enabling administrators to reach the entire campus in minutes.

reaching many people at one time

Efficient communication

Administrators, security, law enforcement, and more can reach the campus efficiently.

student receiving notice on cell phone from school

Keep students informed

Reach students for emergencies, closures, administrative directives, and more.

illustration of many different means of communication

Multiple channels

Communicate using voice, email, and text to reach your campus community.

5 campus security best practices

Many parents now consider campus safety on par with academic opportunities when helping their children choose which campus to attend. According to a recent poll, 75% of parents believe the safety of a campus is important in choosing a college.

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