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Campus ID credential transaction solutions

Blackboard Transaction Solutions provide access via mobile phone and ID card.

Create a cashless campus and make it easier for students to buy both on and off campus.

One credential (card or mobile) lets students eat at the dining hall, purchase books and gear, do laundry, get prints & copies, and even pay for a pizza off campus—without cash! 

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Campus ID card & mobile credential programs

Provide students an easy way to pay with campus ID card & credential solutions for any combination of meal plans, declining balance accounts, student payroll, and more; plus online account access helps students (and parents!) better manage their money.

choice of information deployment from school to computer and back

On-premise or multi-tenant SaaS deployment

Choose your card system deployment approach depending on your current resources, infrastructure, and program needs.

Man purchasing items at store

Declining/credit balance accounts

Multiple accounts, online access, and integration with all types of credentials and POS.

Person at the hub of information sources

Hardware & partner integrations

Leverage existing investments and evolve quickly with our robust hardware and application partner ecosystem.

Student purchasing lunch in cafeteria

Meal plan accounts

Process a mix of plan types, flex accounts, and more. Integrate with POS systems and accommodate all dining locations.

Mobile phone displaying Blackboard Transact

Self-service options

View transactions and balances, add value, make payments using kiosks and eCommerce.

Student making purchase with card

Point-of-sale applications

Provide access to funds campus-wide with fully-integrated POS applications.

Person at the hub of information sources

Mobile applications

Offer a mobile credential, account management app, and mobile payments.

Innovative ways to serve your students with integrated student ID solutions

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Create an engaging experience across all areas of campus

With an integrated technology platform and a single campus ID credential—card, mobile, and/or biometric—provide your students with a frictionless engagement experience all across campus.

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Turn smart phones into mobile student credentials

Provide the security and functionality of an NFC-enabled campus card and the convenience of a mobile device with the Blackboard Mobile Credential.

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Get up and running quickly with SaaS deployment

With SaaS deployment, rely on trusted professionals to manage your system, get up and running quickly, and spend more time doing what really counts—serving your students.

Point-of-sale applications

Provide your cardholders convenient and quick access to their account funds, virtually anywhere and anytime on- and off-campus, with a complete range of fully-integrated point-of-sale (POS) transaction applications.

Benefits of a turn-key off-campus program

two students eating off campus

Cashless purchases

Allow students to make cashless purchases off campus at approved merchants.

illustration of features of card program

Added value

Add value to your card program with additional discretionary deposits, interest float, and transaction revenue.

Two people accessing account to extend services

Managed merchant services

Extend off-campus programs without committing additional resources.

town shops and businesses

Strengthen "town and gown"

Increase spend and relationships for off-campus merchants and the community.

mobile phone displaying promo

Recruitment and promotions

Grow your merchant network with website, direct mail/email, featured deals, and couponing.

tablet displaying reports of account

Make reporting easier

Provide automated, consolidated, and efficient reports for your network merchants.

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