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Door handle with campus access card inserted

Manage card transactions and door access across campus

Imagine your students opening doors, buying sweatshirts, paying for meals – all with one electronic campus ID card. Then imagine all financial services and systems integrated to serve students seamlessly, while keeping them safer on campus. With Blackboard Transact™, you can make it happen.

Campus One-Card System

The goal of many forward-thinking institutions is to establish an environment in which any student, teacher, or member of the campus community can use a universal account on campus, off campus, and online for all transactions, activities, and facilities access.
Campus One-Card System

Why unify your campus card services?

Enhance campus safety in real time

Enhance campus safety in real time

Our security solutions allow you to manage door access privileges, and fully integrate video surveillance, keeping your campus and your students safe.

Students check out in a dining hall

Quick and simple purchasing

Help students through the dining lines quickly and provide a cashless payment card for vending, laundry, and bookstore purchases.

Simplify your finances

Simplify your financial aid disbursement

Get your students' their financial aid credit balances faster and with no fees while making it easier on your staff.

One card lets students own their campus experience

With a single campus ID—card, mobile, or biometrics—give your students access to everything from vending machines to financial aid to a safe trip across campus. And students’ seamless and cashless transactions mean greater efficiencies and reduced operational costs for you.

Unified security. Quick transactions. Happier students.

Blackboard Transact is the all-in-one campus cashless payment card (credential) and door access solution that gives students a seamless, secure campus experience, from accessing financial aid, purchasing books and meals, to safely walking to the dorm at night. And smoother operations mean you sleep better too.

Integrate security to protect students

Integrate security to protect students on campus

Control door access, integrate video surveillance, ensure quick emergency response. Make students feel–and be–safer.

A student selects an item from a vending machine

Make it easy for students to buy stuff

One credential lets students purchase books, do laundry, even pay for a pizza off campus – without cash. What could be simpler?

Financial services to put students at ease

Financial aid services help students get their money faster

Give students easy, secure access to financial aid and payroll funds. Streamline financial systems. Curb fees and costs.

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