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Competency-based education resource hub

As a service to the educational community, our experts have collected the best resources on competency-based education in order to help faculty, staff, policymakers, and other interested groups better understand CBE. We will regularly update this resource hub with case studies, promising practices, research, regulatory information, and more as the field develops.

What is CBE?

What is competency-based education? It’s an alternative mode of delivery that focuses on learner mastery of knowledge, ability, and skills. Working at their own pace, students may access a variety of learning materials; activities are guided and supported by faculty and staff.

At Blackboard, we’re dedicated to helping colleges and universities explore and integrate CBE into their learners’ educational journeys.

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CBE gives your students personalized learning with high standards

Hundreds of colleges and universities are growing competency-based education programs to meet the needs of today's learners. Use the CBE Digital Readiness Tool to self-assess your status to launch a CBE program and then learn more about the latest developments in self-paced, mastery-based higher education.

What you need to know about CBE

CBE 101

Competency-based education presents administrators, faculty, and staff with many issues, challenges, and opportunities. We survey some of the most insightful research on CBE design, development, and implementation.


Deconstructing CBE

This 2016 report by Eduventures explores the CBE landscape based on a survey of 251 institutions.


On the Path to Success

This 2016 AIR report examines the typical CBE student and how institutions engage those students with the curriculum.


Are you competent? Prove it.

Education writer Anya Kamenetz contributed this introduction to competency-based education to the New York Times.

Best practices and case studies

Educators have learned much from their early initiatives to create and roll out competency-based education programs. Explore some of the best practices that are emerging from these pioneering efforts.


Next-Generation CBE

A July 2016 Jobs for the Future report on the specific design elements and policy changes needed to realize the potential of CBE for underprepared students.


CBE Design Planner

CBEN’s tool to help institutions plan for designing, developing, and scaling high-quality CBE programs. This is a great compliment to Blackboard’s CBE Institutional Readiness tool.


How well is CBE working in Texas?

The RAND Corporation reviews and analyzes competency-based education degree programs at Texas community colleges and universities.

What’s new in competency-based education

Sample the latest news about competency-based education from around the web.


Developing a Flexible Degree

Essay reflecting on lessons learned while developing UWFlex’s direct assessment CBE program by the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges and UW-Extension.

Blackboard competency-based education resources

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    Students and adult learners need flexibility to fit education into their lives. Competency-based programs offer those features

    Ted Mitchell, U.S. Under Secretary of Education

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