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eLearning Accessibility Planning

Learners enrolled in online, hybrid, and blended programs require more than technology-enabled courses – they anticipate and expect a holistic learning experience that is focused on their success. When programs present barriers to students who have visual, auditory, cognitive, and/or physical disabilities they can’t fully engage in their education. Blackboard helps you understand your specific accessibility challenges and plan for change.

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A comprehensive plan for barrier-free education

The consulting engagement results in a strategic plan based on discovery and review of eLearning-related student lifecycle functions:

- Recruitment
- Admission
- Financial Aid
- Registration
- Student Support
- Graduation
- Alumni

These recommendations can then serve as the basis for revised policies, processes and procedures.

More Information

Why accessibility whitepaper

Why Accessibility

Worldwide, one billion people experience some type of visual, hearing, or cognitive disability - roughly 15% of the world's population. Learn why accessibility is a moral and legal imperative for education.

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