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Strategic planning for your eLearning programs

Organize your institution for growth and scalability in eLearning as a path toward student success.

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Getting online program management right

Online programs are becoming more popular, and yet many institutions are not sure how to grow existing programs or develop new ones. Faculty are not always comfortable delivering courses online. Legacy systems and staffing gaps make supporting effective online or blended programs difficult. Institutions are also often unsure of which program to offer first or next, how to attract the right students, and how they will support their new, expanding population of online or hybrid learners. Blackboard is uniquely positioned to help develop a strategy for online growth as well as provide the follow-on capabilities needed to scale in the years to come.

Strategy leads to success

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Develop your vision

Organize your institution for growth and scalability in eLearning as a path toward impacting learning and the student experience.

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Plan your strategy

Create strategic plans and structures to help better align capabilities with mission and vision, identify opportunities for transforming process and practice, and drive toward student success.

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Realize your plan

Implement change management that not only moves you forward, but takes meaningful and measurable steps toward improving institutional and programmatic effectiveness.

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