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Understand all aspects of your student life cycle with Blackboard Intelligence

Increase student success with data and performance analytics

Increase enrollment, student retention, and learner engagement through insights produced from data you already have. With the help of Blackboard Analytics’ data-driven solutions, colleges, universities, and systems can identify and overcome barriers to student success and keep learners on track for graduation.

Blackboard Analytics: An Overview

Blackboard Analytics

Blackboard is committed to supporting the entire student experience by helping colleges and universities extract value from data they already have.

With Blackboard Intelligence and Blackboard Predict institutions can identify barriers to retention and keep students on track to graduate with high quality degrees.

X-Ray Learning Analytics gives teachers the tools they need to better understand their learners and cultivate the critical thinking skills required to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

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Blackboard Intelligence

Optimize institutional performance. Our education analytics modules provide colleges and universities with a complete data warehousing and reporting solution in support of teaching and learning, enrollment management, retention, financial aid, strategic finance, human resources, alumni relations, and more.

Data Warehousing Solution
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X-Ray Learning Analytics

Improve instructional design and gain deep insight into learner behavior with a comprehensive learning analytics toolkit. Identify important trends that affect achievement within a course, across courses, and at at the institutional level. We’ll be your constant partner for analytics in higher education.

Learning Analytics Solution

The Power of Analytics: From Concept to Implementation

The Power of Analytics: From Concept to Implementation

Indian River State College (IRSC) implemented their Blackboard Analytics initiative in the spring semester of 2015, and immediately experienced an institutional shift in the intervention measures for both face-to-face and online courses. This new webinar will cover IRSC’s successful implementation of both Analytics for Learn and Blackboard Predict, from start to finish.

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Analyst Report

How Instructors REALLY use the LMS

Blackboard researchers have discovered five instructional design patterns used by instructors to create meaningful educational experiences. In our new research, we underscore the fact that there is legitimate diversity in the ways that learning management systems are used.

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    I’m excited by Blackboard Analytics™. I can ask 15 questions in 5 minutes, and get answers myself.

    Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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    Without metrics from Blackboard Analytics™, we wouldn’t know if what we’re doing is helping us meet our new goals.

    Dr. Martha Venn, Provost for Academic Affairs, Middle Georgia State College

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    We made more progress with Blackboard Analytics™ in 2 days than we had in 9 months with a data warehouse consultant.

    Celeste Schwartz, Vice President for Information technology and College Services, Montgomery County Community College

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    A successful analytics implementation is a cultural challenge, not a technological one.

    Mike Sharkey, Vice President of Analytics, Blackboard

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