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X-Ray Learning Analytics

A positive learning experience is the result of high-quality instruction, excellence in course design, and engagement with other students within a learning community. But too often, instructors don’t find out that students are disengaged or struggling with course materials until it’s too late to make a difference. They are unclear about what works and what doesn’t, and have no way to assess the strength of online social networks created through their classes. Conventional LMS reports may provide information about online student activities, but they require significant analysis and interpretation to yield valuable insights, so they’re rarely acted upon.

Deepen your insight into learner behavior and instructional design

What if you could easily discover specific actions to improve your current teaching and learning environment?

X-Ray Learning Analytics provides deep insight into learner behaviors and identifies trends that affect achievement within Moodle. At the institutional level, X-Ray analyzes cross-course results to uncover trends.


Available for Moodle only

Learning Analytics key benefits

College student struggling with course work

Identify at-risk students

X-Ray Learning Analytics analyzes course activity data and grades to help instructors identify struggling learners and take action to improve their performance.

College student happy with improvements

Increase student engagement

X-Ray Learning Analytics visualizes trends in activity at the individual and course levels to help instructors see how students are interacting and create activities to keep them engaged.

Instructor reviewing data for students assessments

Optimize assessments and graded materials

X-Ray Learning Analytics helps instructors understand relationships between individual graded items and course grades. Instructors can quickly identify effective assessments and those that might need revision.

student with ideas at blackboard

Promote critical thinking

X-Ray Learning Analytics offers linguistic analysis and visualization to help instructors understand the individual learners’ discussion forum activity as well as the critical thinking and originality of contributions.

How we’re different

More information

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Case Study

Surprising Results from UCEM’s Use of X-Ray Learning Analytics

The University College of Estate Management (UCEM) used X-Ray Learning Analytics to gain greater visibility into instructional quality, student activity, and factors contributing to course attrition. What they found out was surprising. Download this case study to learn about the results and how UCEM informed strategic initiatives, fostered adoption, and more.

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Learner engagement & student success

In this new whitepaper, Dr. John Whitmer discusses how learning analytics using LMS data can empower instructors, departments, and entire institutions to generate powerful insights into how learners are learning – and into the sorts of immediate steps that can be taken to improve learning outcomes.

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