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Mass notifications

Increase the effectiveness of your emergency notifications and community outreach by reaching anyone, anytime with Blackboard’s mass notification system.

Reliable notifications for urgent situations

With our mass notification system - proven to deliver 99.99 percent uptime - you can send broadcast or customized alerts to individuals via a wide range of communication channels: unlimited phone, e-mail, SMS, social media messaging, and more.

Why Blackboard?

Group of employees discussing issues

Unlimited usage keeps you on budget

Communicate frequently to provide members of your community with the information they need and the services they want.

mobile phone notifiying user of message

Powerful, personal Flexfield messaging

With Flexfield messaging, you can send targeted messages by creating a single notification containing recipient-specific information.

money sign seen through binoculars

Lost revenue found

Recoup revenue lost on unpaid tickets and traffic fines, utility bills and licensing fees with targeted mass notifications.

Family out shopping

Multi-modal delivery

Our IPAWS-OPEN system with multimodal delivery ensures your community receives emergency information no matter where they are.

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