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Innovating student recruitment and enrollment

Today's learners are anything but traditional. They expect messages which resonate with them and want to take action immediately. That's why we are working with clients to implement smart marketing strategies that delivers results. Providing creative and web development, media buying and monitoring, and extra enrollment resources with our highly trained advisors. We help you personalize the enrollment experience.

Student recruitment services to up your enrollment game

Education is in our DNA and our unique student-centric, personalized view of marketing and recruiting delivers real results.

Student recruitment services to up your enrollment game.

Why Blackboard?

Nurture prospective students

Nurture prospective students to enroll

From optimizing the use of your CRM, to scaling the impact of your team with deeply knowledgeable enrollment advisors, we provide a personalized enrollment experience that generates results.

Research + marketing + recruiting = more enrollments

Our sweet spot is non-traditional learners and we know how to reach and engage with them. Together we'll implement a marketing which is true to your brand and connects with your target audience- and our enrollment services will help seal the deal one student at a time.

Key Features

Strategy and market research

Strategy and market research

We’ll help you set market priorities, understand your competition, identify student profiles, and strengthen your brand.

Marketing and recruiting

Marketing and recruiting

Let’s polish your web sites; plan your media mix; buy, analyze, and optimize paid media; and improve your lead nurturing.

Making strides with enrollment

We’ll augment enrollment resources, handle inquiries, provide live assistance to prospects, and nurture them through enrollment.

Enrollment Success Stories

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    Blackboard has turned around our admissions, enrollment, and financial aid operations.

    Dr. John Watrat, Executive vice president, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide

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    Within 6 hours of inquiry, our prospective students are taking follow-up actions toward enrollment.

    Bill Hampton, VP of marketing and enrollment management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide

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    Working with Blackboard changed perceptions, even for faculty who hadn’t considered teaching online before.

    Sheri Rawls, Director of Learning Enhancement Center, University of Southern Mississippi

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