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Higher Education Services

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From start to finish, get the support you need to succeed.


Consulting & Training Services

We can help your institution maximize the benefit you get from your Blackboard investment. Our experience with strategic consulting, technical, and implementation planning and execution—as well as various training offerings—supports you and gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Consulting Services

Enterprise Consulting  

Get strategic support and concrete solutions for managing change and driving transformation.

Meet the Enterprise Consulting Team  

Our experienced consultants will help you develop a winning strategy—from planning and development, to scalability and sustainability.

Training & Technical Services  

On-site or online training, and best-in-class technical services equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed.


Strategic Marketing & Recruiting Services

Many institutions need to increase enrollment by attracting the right students for their on-campus or online offerings. Our Strategic Marketing and Recruiting solutions provide the expertise, data-driven insights, actionable strategies, and tools to grow your programs.

Strategic Marketing & Recruiting Services

Research & Strategy  

Chart your institution's growth path with a research-based action plan that identifies your ideal approach.

Marketing & Recruiting Management  

Generate solid leads and then convert them to high-quality applications with personalized outreach.


Student Services & Technology Support

Whether enrolling, applying for financial aid, seeking tech support, or buying course materials, today's students want quick responses at any time of day—or night. Deliver the high-quality services students expect with our affordable, scalable, and personalized solutions.

Student Services & Technology Support

Enrollment Services  

Get more qualified students through the door with our high-touch enrollment services.

Financial Aid and Student Services  

Give students convenient access to multi-channel support for financial aid, admissions, records, and other needs.

Student Retention  

Extend your resources—from strategic thinking to proactive outreach—and achieve results.

Help Desk  

Keep students and faculty content by offering personalized IT and e-learning support around the clock.

Engagement Campaigns  

Engage students faster and drive specific actions with our tactical outreach campaigns.

One-Stop Student Services  

Partner with us to ensure your one-stop student services centers meet the needs of your students and staff.

Blackboard Store  

Encourage students' purchase and use of learning materials with a convenient—and feature-rich—online store.

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