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Blended learning is about achieving success stories

Blended learning combines online and face-to-face learning and engages learners with personalized lessons. We help give you the tools you need to implement blended learning and to flip your classroom. With blended learning, your results are personalized and your digital content and tools are together in one place.

Blended classroom

Blended classroom: Students learn, their own way

With blended learning, students can stay on top of classwork anytime, anywhere with personalized tools. Blended learning not only nurtures students to develop better skills, it shapes superior, adaptable learners, able to use our vast resources to grow their skillset.

Why Blackboard?

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Because each of your students learns differently

Forty-five percent of teachers want to use technology to differentiate instruction for their students. That’s why schools partner with us to enable their teachers to create a personalized mix of face-to-face and digital learning experiences for each student.

Five ways to blend
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Blended learning engages your digital learners

According to a national survey, most students want to use their own devices for their digital school work. Mobile and blended learning are keys to greater engagement for this generation of digital students.

Digital learning trends report
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The power to flip your classroom gracefully

Create a more active and personalized face-to-face class with our easy-to-use and mobile-friendly web conferencing and publishing. Get a simple and complete solution to flip your classroom.

How to flip your classroom

Blended learning: The most effective way to teach

Teachers, students, and parents all wish for one thing: Schools that make optimal use of learners’ time, both at home and in the classroom. Blended learning offers the best of online learning while giving teachers the time to work with students one-on-one and in small groups.

A complete K-12 solution

Tools to make the most of blended learning

We provide an innovative, easy-to-use foundation for competency-based and personalized teaching and learning to power digital transformation that can grow with your district.

Blended learning success stories

More Information

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5 ways to blend your class

Getting started with blended learning can be daunting, but the many benefits are well worth the effort. We've created a class to help teachers get started with blended learning, "5 ways to blend your class with Blackboard."

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Digital learning trends report

Why spend class time on lectures? That question inspired David Hamman’s flipped chemistry course, in which students watch instructional videos at home and save class for face-to-face discussions and hands-on activities.

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    Every single student is engaged all the time, all day long.

    Paula Barr, Second Grade Teacher, Quail Run Elementary School Lawrence Public Schools

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    I’ve created a way where a kid can move as quickly as they can or as slowly as they need to.

    David Hamman, Science Department Chair, Medina High School

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    Over time, I’ve learned how to relinquish control to the students. They know how they learn best.

    Leighann Ford, Teacher and Instructional Coach, Piedmont Middle and High School

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