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District leaders

District leaders participate in online training.

Engage all of the stakeholders in your students' success.

Give your entire district community a new learning experience that helps you provide safer schools, broader community engagement, and personalized learning environments that help every student reach their optimal level of achievement.

Two grandparents connect online to their grandchild's school.

Extend your reach beyond school walls

Parents have a lot of school and academic information to keep track of. Use mass notifications, your website, mobile app. and social media to keep them informed and engaged with the learning process.

Smart investments pay off with big returns

Save time and money by delivering online professional development and empower your teachers to embrace blended learning through the use of digital content resources. Partnering with Blackboard is more than an investment in technology, it's an investment in your most valuable assets: Your teachers, your students, and your community.

A team of teachers participate in digital training.

Digital learning isn’t just for students

Digital professional development saves time and reduces costs – and it works. Create a program that gives teachers the tools they need to be the best educators they can be, at a cost that meets your district’s needs.

Father and child reviewing information on their laptop.

Optimize your community engagement

Communication is key to engaging all your district's stakeholders. Blackboard helps you expand your reach and tell your story effectively while saving time and resources.

Support students on their road to success

Support your students on their journey to success by engaging with their families, building safe learning environments, and empowering them with digital tools that will help them grow both inside and outside of the classroom.

An illustration of a conference at a table.

Communication is the key

Let parents know what’s coming down the pike regarding assessments, state standards, and student performance. Open multiple channels of communication so your community gets the straight scoop, directly from you.

A young student intently studies.

Prepare your students for college and beyond

Digital tools help prepare your students for college, careers and beyond. Evaluate student skills within the learning environment and provide personalized feedback to help students practice and improve at their own pace.

Go mobile to level the playing field

Bring a digital strategy to bear on equity challenges in your district. With internet and home technology now widely available, going digital ensures equal access to communication tools and curriculum-aligned content.

An illustration of a mobile device.

Reach parents where they are

With smartphones in the hands of 77% of parents, grades, calendars, homework, and more are always just a few clicks away—complete with instant notifications to keep everyone informed.