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Student Data for K12

Teachers can be your most powerful communicators

Communication has the most impact when teachers and parents work together. Blackboard Teacher Communication helps teachers connect with families where they are, in a safe and consistent way, and without adding extra work for busy teachers or parents.

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Together, teachers & parents have the most impact

Strong teacher-to-home communication must meet the needs of key stakeholders. By giving teachers easy-to-use messaging tools, they can work with parents to give them the information they want most. The communication between the parents and educators happens in a safe environment that allows administrative oversight.

Key benefits

Oversights and Insights

Oversights & insights

Enable teacher-to-home communication to happen in a safe environment. Administrators can view messaging reports from every school and every classroom.

No Teacher Setup

No teacher setup

Class rosters and groups are automatically populated for teachers, so they can start messaging right away.

No Teacher Setup

Simplify the parent experience

Share all important information in one place without requiring parent opt-in.

No Teacher Setup


Easily send personalized messages to every parent about their child's academic progress.

Mobile Comms App

Global translation

Empower teachers to easily communicate with all parents, regardless of language barriers.

Mobile Comms App

Quick access

Give teachers access to student information such as attendance, schedules, and assignments, right at their fingertips.

Mobile Comms App

Save time & resources

Teachers can create custom messages once, and deliver them across all channels in just minutes.

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