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K-12 Teachers

A teacher stands in front a chalkboard full of math equations.

Transforming the K-12 learning experience

At Blackboard, we’ve been at the forefront of education technology for nearly two decades and we’re proud to be in one third of K-12 schools nationwide. Take a look at where we think education is going, and see how we can help you transform and innovate your classroom.

Teaching tools that help you succeed

We know K-12. We work with thousands of schools and have partnered with leading educators and experts to provide teaching and professional development resources to keep you at the top of your game.

Amale teacher on a tablet leans down to help a male student at a PC

5 ways to blend your class

Getting started with blended learning can be daunting, but the many benefits are well worth the effort. We've created a class to help teachers get started with blended learning, "5 ways to blend your class with Blackboard."

Reimagine education

Today’s students learn differently, are adept in a digital world, and crave new learning models that engage their minds like never before. K-12 is changing. Are you ready to adapt?

Student-centric learning

In the new education paradigm, learning is student-centric, personalized and digitally-enhanced. At Blackboard, we’re at the forefront of this new learning model.

A teacher works with a few of his students.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a hot topic among educators, but what does it really mean? Learn how different education leaders define this new way to teach and absorb information. Read our blog post on blended learning.

How we create digital classrooms

We help teachers bring learning to life with innovative technologies that help save time, stay connected, and deliver new and exciting digital learning experiences.

An illustration of computer keyboards.

Create your digital classroom

Expand your classroom learning to include tools and devices your students already use with mobile apps, LMS, and online collaboration—and set them up for greater success in college and their career.