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Extend your Blackboard Learn

Openness technologies

Just because a platform is proprietary, it doesn’t mean it’s closed. Check out our openness technologies that allow you to customize, enhance, and integrate your learning environment.

Building Blocks

Since 2001, our developers have created hundreds of Building Blocks which allow institutions to customize their instance of Blackboard Learn to meet their needs. We have a variety of technologies to support integration with the Blackboard Learn platform. Our APIs make it easy to develop plug-ins and extend functionality. APIs for authentication, SIS integration, and web services ensure that the platform will integrate with all of your other systems.

Open standards

We recently added support for IMS Common Cartridge and Basic LTI standards to the Blackboard Learn platform. We continue to work closely with organizations—including IMS Global and InCommon, supporters of federated Shibboleth authentication—to expand standards support in our software and lead in the establishment of other industry standards. 

Using the recently implemented Student Information System Integration Framework and its support for the IMS Enterprise 1.1 standard, Travis Patterson of University of New Mexico's Department of New Media and Extended Learning (manages the LMS) created and deployed a building block that helps share data between Learn and their student information system.

SCORM player

Rustici Software’s SCORM content player is integrated into Blackboard Learn to allow instructors to easily import their existing SCORM-compliant content into their course environment without having to recreate it. The SCORM player can track each section and whether learners have completed it, which is critical so that you know when your learners have reviewed important information.

Integrated content solutions

Say goodbye to multiple accounts and logins. With an integrated content solution, you can deliver market-leading publisher online products using your institution's Blackboard Learn installation. Provide seamless access to the high-value content you need, the way you want it—through your Blackboard Learn courses. 

* Availability of license varies by publisher 

Easily incorporate rich digital content in Blackboard Learn

  • Access a pantheon of digital content and community generated content from around the world, or create and manage your own content
  • Build and manage classes quickly and efficiently
  • Access powerful learning tools that engage students
  • Improve student achievement by addressing varied learning modalities
  • Exchange ideas and content with peers, no matter what LMS they use

Check out our digital content resources.

Blackboard e-Packs

Innovative e-learning begins with superior digital content. That’s why we partner with content creators and distributors to provide easy ways for instructors in the global Blackboard community to supplement and enhance their online courses with rich digital content. 

Designed for use within the Blackboard Learn platform, Blackboard e-Packs are text- and discipline-specific content solutions developed by leading educational content providers. 

With over 25 content providers, 40 publishing imprints, 60 academic disciplines, thousands of titles, and countless possibilities in the Blackboard Content Network™, this innovative community makes it easy to add compelling, interactive instructional material to online courses.

Improve student achievement

Engaging course content leads to more engaged students. With access to high-quality digital content and a portfolio of interactive learning tools through Blackboard technology, instructors can build courses quickly with media rich content. When students actively engage with content, their grades improve and retention increases.

Save time with leading-edge technology

We pioneered groundbreaking innovations such as content integration, grade book synchronization, and single sign-on access to multiple systems that dramatically shifted the learning landscape. Today, we continue to push the envelope for learning innovation with new technologies that provide the deepest integrations with the widest set of diverse digital content partners in the industry. And that leaves you to do what you do best—teach.

Career-development content for professionals

Enable direct delivery of high-quality content to professional learners via Blackboard's industry-leading teaching and learning platform. Through our network of content providers, you can offer learners and instructors access to vast libraries of rich professional training and certification content, including IT certification, compliance, risk mitigation, sales performance, talent management, HR, and skills development for professionals.

*Availability of license varies by provider

Skillsoft and Vado content

Through our network of content providers, you can offer learners and instructors access to vast libraries of rich professional training and certification content, including IT certification, compliance, risk mitigation, sales performance, talent management, HR, and skills development for professionals.

Manage content in Blackboard Drive

Transform the way you work with file based content with the Blackboard Learn™ Content Management module and Blackboard Drive™, your key to efficiency when working with content in Blackboard Learn.

Driving efficiency

Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that lets you map a network drive to the content collection in Blackboard Learn. Consistently manage content with familiar  tools like Windows® Explorer, Mac OS® X Finder and Microsoft Office, or from the web interface. No matter how you prefer to work with your course content, Blackboard Drive saves time and makes your life easier.

Easy editing from the web interface

With easy edit with Blackboard Drive, editing files on the web interface is just a three-step process – open, edit, save. Don't waste time saving and locating local files, and uploading them back to the server.

Find out how to get Blackboard Drive >

Community Engagement

Institutions across the world leverage the Community Engagement functionality of Blackboard Learn to connect their students, educators, and staff with the education community – both within the institution and across our global learning network. The education experience extends far beyond courses, and so should your LMS. You can engage your students beyond the classroom in new, personalized ways to help retain them year after year.

With the Community Engagement module, you can:

  • Efficiently reach students and educators
  • Provide students and educators with one place to manage all aspects of their education experience, including courses, campus events and news, extracurricular activities, advising, and social learning.
  • Meet the needs of today’s active learners and keep them engaged in the education experience, improving student retention

What is Community Engagement?

  • Social learning tools enable users to discover, connect, and communicate with their learning network through social, informal means that complement the more formal education experiences. The tools include a rich profile, a people tool to discover others at your institution and across Blackboard’s global learning network, a messages tool for quick communication, and spaces for informal group collaboration.
  • Organizations provide online collaboration space for campus groups, clubs, committees, faculty, students, and administration. These collaboration spaces will be familiar to users since they are modeled after the course environment used every day.
  • Institution roles give your institution the flexibility to deliver targeted information to users. For example, a university may want to provide a particular message to first year students, or only to online students. Or a K-12 district may want to contact students and teachers from a certain school.
  • Portal functionality leverages flexible modules and tabs to provide a one-stop shop for all academic and campus information.
  • Branding creates unique online identities within Blackboard for distinct colleges, degree programs, physical campuses, and K-12 schools or districts.
  • Institutional hierarchy allows you to model your organizational structure in Blackboard Learn in order to delegate administrative privileges in a way that parallels that real-world structure.

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