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Managed Hosting Solutions

Why Managed Hosting?

  • Experience: Blackboard has helped hundreds of institutions address similar challenges. We bring over 15 years of education sector experience and insights in helping clients solve the issues they’re facing.
  • Expertise: Our team of over 250 industry experts across four continents is skilled both in Blackboard applications and in managed hosting, enabling us to provide superior customer support and technical service.
  • Scalability & Security: We deploy top-tier datacenters and redundant infrastructure, deploying industry best practices to provide scalability and security.
  • Relationship & Stability: We’re a stable partner, committed to education, with the resources to continuously innovate across the learner experience while delivering the relationship simplicity and accountability of a single provider.

As You Grow We Scale

Blackboard offers four progressive levels of service to support your online programs today, and as they grow over time.

Engagement Plans are designed to support your online programs today, and their growth over time. The Plans use an unparalleled core technology platform, with progressive levels of service level, capacity and capability:

  • Gold
    For medium-sized and larger institutions whose online learning programs are maturing - Cost-effective 24x7 production infrastructure with the incremental addition of technology components when required
  • Platinum
    For institutions with a structured and mature online education strategy - Complete hosting infrastructure, higher service level, and additional project management for critical changes
  • Diamond
    For institutions whose online learning programs are at the core of their educational mission - Partnership to manage fast growth and change with the highest levels of support and strategic planning

Core Infrastructure

All Blackboard Managed Hosting Engagement Plans leverage the same infrastructure and support baseline:

24x7x365 Management

  • 250+ Full-Time Dedicated Resources
  • 24x7 Managed Production Environment
  • 24x7 Network Operations Monitoring
  • 24x7 Dedicated Client Support Teams
  • 24x7 Online Aggregate Usage Reporting Tool
  • 24x7 Anytime Blackboard Application Upgrade
  • Data Restores and Archiving

Redundant Core Infrastructure

  • State-of-the-art Tier-4 Datacenters1
  • Fully Redundant, Fault-Tolerant Conditioned Power2
  • Redundant Tier-1 Internet Connections3
  • Fully Redundant Internet & Network Equipment
  • Highly Available Enterprise Storage Systems4
  • Multiple Levels of Data Backups & Off-Site Data Storage


  • 24x7 Physical Security at Tier-4 Datacenters
  • Enterprise Firewall and Intrusion Protection
  • 24x7 Network Security Monitoring
  • 24x7 Security Incident Response Team

1A Tier-4 Datacenter has fully redundant and fully fault-tolerant capacity components (i.e. power systems, chillers, HVAC systems, uplinks, etc.)

2 Fully redundant means that there’s more than one of the same capacity components to immediately take over the capacity/ function if the primary component fails.

3A Tier-1 ISP is a network that can reach every other network on the Internet without purchasing IP transit or paying settlements. Tier-1 ISPs are the most reliable Internet connection providers around the world

4 High availability is similar to fully redundant, but active-active.


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