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Blackboard Instructor interface displayed on cell phone

Blackboard Instructor: A powerful app designed specifically for instructors

Great products make people’s lives easier. Blackboard Instructor, Blackboard’s newest mobile app, helps educators increase efficiency, simplify workflows and amplify student engagement.

Student learning from professor on mobile

Blackboard Instructor

Blackboard Instructor is Blackboard's brand new mobile application that gives instructors a quick and easy way to manage courses, interact with students, and view content.

Blackboard Instructor allows instructors to:

  • Manage courses anytime, anywhere
  • Preview content and assessments
  • Create and reply to discussions
  • Review, create and send out announcements
  • Host and join Blackboard Collaborate sessions

How Blackboard Instructor can help you

Professor working on a lecture on a tablet

Increase instructor efficiency

We know time is one of your most valuable assets. Blackboard Instructor can help you save time by allowing you to complete tasks on the go.

Example of workflow

Simplify workflows

Blackboard Instructor’s simple, user-centric mobile experience puts tool’s critical to teaching right in instructors’ hands.

Student engaged on mobile

Amplify student engagement

Blackboard Instructor helps educators meet students where they are – on their mobile devices – and to drive participation and engagement using tools like announcements, push notifications and content preview.

More information

College student studying using mobile phone and textbook

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