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Our mobile student planning tools drive student success

Today’s students are more mobile and dynamic than ever before. Traditional web-based student planning and scheduling solutions are not enough. Students need personalized and intuitive mobile tools to help them navigate their educational journey on the go.

Blackboard Planner

Blackboard Planner is a mobile student planning tool that enables students to explore interests, identify preferred careers, manage their academic journey, graduate on time, and gain employment.

How we're different


Integrated planning and learning

Adopting new technology is a huge barrier to student engagement, especially when it’s not natively mobile. Blackboard Planner features live within the Blackboard student app, our existing mobile app for students, creating a superior student experience.

Most Advanced Career Data

Most advanced career data

Exploring careers is useless if you aren’t using the real-time labor demand and career data. Our partnership with Burning Glass ensures students have instant access to the more relevant data available on the market.

Student and Advisor Meeting

Holistic student insights

Our advisor view combines insight into student plans with sentiment and predictive analytics to help advisors offer more meaningful interventions and overall support.

Key Features

With Blackboard Planner, students can explore interests, identify preferred careers, manage their academic journey, and discover a path towards a great future – all in a mobile app.

Personalized Exploration for Students

Personalized exploration

Students can explore and identify career paths that align to interests, market demand, and lifestyle goals.

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Hassle-free scheduling

Blackboard Planner creates multiple schedules for students to choose from.

Student thinking of all the possibilities

“What if” analysis

Students can easily understand the academic, career, and financial effects of course load and major changes.

Blackboard Advise provides a web-based view for advisors to easily track, monitor, and communicate with students.

See all your students in one place

See all of your students in one place

Gain immediate insight about all of your students and quickly access who needs urgent guidance and who is on track

Student and advisor discussing the future

Learn what drives your students

Understand how students are feeling and what they are searching for in Blackboard Planner to have more meaningful and relevant dialogues

Determining At-Risk Students

Identify at-risk students

By combining planning data with predictive analytics, advisors can more precisely determine who is at-risk and needs real-time interventions

More information

Advising Answers Playbook

Advising Answers: Data's Impact on Student Success

Advising + Data = Student Success. Bringing comprehensive data into the advising picture can make a sizable difference in a student's outcome. Through the strategic use of data, students can now be identified before there is a crisis occurring along their student pathway to success. This is the future of advising in higher education. Get our new playbook and learn more.

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