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Moodlerooms for a better Moodle experience

We do the heavy lifting for you by providing a proven, reliable Moodle  platform; you save the time, effort, and money that would have been required to support Moodle on your own. Net result: You get one of the best e-learning platforms out there with no hassle. Moodlerooms provides a strong, open source foundation for competency-based blended, online, and professional learning to drive student success.

The open source solution for teaching and learning

Moodlerooms, an open source learning platform, supports personalized learning. Learners can learn and educators can teach in ways that work best for them, thus creating a more engaged, customized learning experience.

Why Moodlerooms?

We take Moodle to the next level

It’s Moodle in the cloud and beyond, with powerful enhancements like personalized learning, easy course building, and advanced reports. Flexible interfaces and branding potential help increase recruitment, improve engagement, and achieve better outcomes.

We’re a certified Moodle partner

We take care of the heavy lifting by providing a proven, reliable services platform; you save the time, effort, and money that would have been required to support Moodle on your own. Net result: You get the benefits of Moodle without the headache.

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X-Ray Learning Analytics for Moodlerooms

Moodlerooms introduces X-Ray Learning Analytics, designed to help you to identify at-risk learners, streamline course facilitation, and understand Moodle use across your institution.

Moodlerooms advances digital learning

Everyone has their own individual learning style. Moodlerooms lets educators personalize online learning paths and deliver dynamic content to differentiate instruction, so learners retain more.

Put the focus on K-12 teaching and learning

With simple, but powerful tools to deliver engaging content and activities in blended or online classes, Moodlerooms combines open-source Moodle with enhancements and services that make it easy to personalize learning and track student progress.

One stop Moodle shop

From hosting, implementation, support, training, and customization to teaching, learning and administration features.

Individualized learning

Custom learning paths give students a personalized online experience based on their interactions and performance.

Simplicity when you need it

Making it easier to plan lessons, grade assignments, and track success is like putting extra hours in a teacher’s day.

The open source solution for higher education

Moodlerooms gives you simple but powerful tools to create, arrange, personalize, and track instruction in blended or online classes. Open-source Moodle combines with enhancements and services that improve rates of satisfaction and increase student engagement.

Make the most of Moodle

Flexibility to use features and functionality you need; easy-to-use administration tools that reduce time and effort.

Personalized learning

Individualized learning paths give students different experiences based on interactions with content or performance.

Easy course building and grading

Drag instructional materials from desktop to course; quickly grade assignments, check completion and send feedback.

Powerful tools for cognitive learning

Creating a memorable learning experience leads to employee success and customer satisfaction. Moodlerooms’ simple but powerful tools deliver engaging content and activities by combining open-source Moodle with enhancements and services that make it easy to personalize learning and track progress.

Moodle made easy

Training, learning, and administration features you need; infrastructure and support that make implementation a breeze.

Integration with business applications

CRM Integration via Conduit, Microsoft Office 365 Integration, Google Apps for Business Integration, ecommerce and more.

Functionality that meets your needs

Personalized learning designers, branding capabilities, accessibility, and superior design for mobile-friendly devices.

More information

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Learn more about the challenges practitioners and leaders of e-learning face day to day in education institutions and businesses, and how Moodlerooms helps them deliver on their goals through a great learning experience.

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    As a student who is blind, I was able to read posts, create posts, and download…100% independently.

    Aaron M. Page, Student, University of Montana

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    Blackboard…blends technologies, resources, and services to meet the unique goals of our customers.

    Mark Strassman, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Blackboard

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